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CES Project

Efficient central heating system installation Yorkshire

The customer’s requirements for efficient central heating

The customer had recently purchased a 4-bedroom detached house in Hornsea for a family of 2 adults and 4 children, who quickly found out that the 2-year-old condensing boiler in their “family house” was struggling to meet the hot water and heating demands of a busy family and that they would need an efficient central heating system.

They were always waiting for the reheat times on the old hot water cylinder before the next person could shower or take a bath. This meant the boiler was running flat out, but still could not achieve its goal and as a result, ran very inefficiently.

Project Description

Collis Energy Solutions carried out a full heat-loss survey of the property and sat with the customer to establish how the house was used.

The house has 2 bathrooms, with the potential to have 2 showers being used at the same time. It was quickly discovered that poor water pressure and flow rate in Hornsea meant we would need to look at boosting the supply pressure to the property so that residents could use multiple water outlets without pressure drop.

Secondly, we addressed the demand for hot water on tap throughout the day and evening, as well as enabled the efficient central heating system to maintain a satisfactory temperature in all the rooms, something the current system could not do.

A heating system was redesigned to run at low temperatures, by sizing up the radiators to provide radiant heat rather than convected heat.

The boiler we chose was the brilliant Viessmann 222, which is a storage combination boiler. This boiler is controlled by a weather compensation thermostat, so the boiler responds to external temperatures to determine how warm to make the radiators to keep the ambient temperature comfortable.

Since the installation of this efficient central heating system, the heating has been left running 24 hours a day just trickling around the house at low temperatures costing very little to run and the whole house fabric has warmed up to a lovely temperature and remains at a constant comfortable temperature for the customer. With the weather compensation feature on the boiler, the boiler reacts accordingly to the outside temperature altering the temperature of the heating system to suit the demand.

Customer Feedback

The customer is over the moon with the new boiler and heating system and constantly sings its praises, finds it easy to use and would recommend it to anyone.

Components Used

Viessmann 222 storage combination boiler

About CES

Collis Energy Solutions Ltd are pioneers in energy-efficient homes, committed to providing household heating systems as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.