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Gas Boiler Services

Rest easy with an annual boiler service

Gas & Oil Boiler Servicing

Landlord safety certificates

Gas safety certificates

Why should you get your boiler serviced?

To keep your boiler running safely it is important to get it regularly serviced. Without doing so, a faulty boiler can be highly dangerous and even cause death. There are around 60 deaths a year from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in England and Wales. This can be mitigated with an annual boiler service.


Boiler services we offer

We offer a range of boiler services suitable for different requirements.

Contact us should you wish to book in for any of the following boiler services:

Gas boiler – Maintenance Inspection / Gas safety Certificate 

£50 + VAT includes:

  • Visual check of the condition of boiler – looking for water leaks / checking case seals etc
  • Check Air Supply
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check flue
  • Check safety devices
  • Gas analyser / emission check

Gas Boiler – Full Service

£70 + VAT (extra charge required for gaskets & seals etc) includes:

  • Visual check of appliance
  • Removal of burner
  • Clean, brush & wash of heat exchanger
  • Fill and clean electrodes
  • Removal & clean of condensate trap
  • Drain & re-pressurise of expansion vessel
  • Check air supply
  • Gas pressures
  • Check flue
  • Gas analyser / emission check

Oftec Oil Boiler Service

£90 + VAT (new oil flexi’s, seals etc charged as extras if required) incudes:

  • General check of the condition of the appliance i.e water leaks and seals
  • Removal of burner
  • Removal of baffles
  • Thorough clean of heat exchanger
  • Replacement nozzle
  • Emission and efficiency check
  • Oil tank check
  • Relevant Oftec paperwork

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