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Log Burner Installation and Multifuel Stove Installation

A beautiful focal point in any home

Eco design stove installations

Renewable, sustainable and efficient

Multiple hybrid options available

Being cheaper and more efficient to run than traditional gas and electric appliances, log burner installations and multifuel stoves are a viable option for any home. New legislation calls for log burning stoves to be eco-design ready making them a renewable, sustainable and efficient choice for heating your home. Modern Log burning stoves have to be 80% efficient as a minimum requirement but many of them have higher efficiency ratings. Current regulations also stipulate that if you replace a heating appliance it must be replaced with an appliance of equal or greater efficiency making a modern Eco Design log burner a perfect replacement.

We have fully qualified Hetas-approved stove installers and members of NACS (National Association of Chimney Sweeps). We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality log burner installations. Give us a call to arrange an appointment for anything from Log Burner & open fire Chimney sweeps through to arranging an appointment to discuss your requirements for a stove installation or upgrade.

Services we provide around solid fuels:

  • Eco-design log burner installations and multifuel stove installations
  • Chimney sweeping of open fires, log burners, multi-fuel stoves, gas flues, AGA & Range cookers.
  • Chimney CCTV inspections & surveys to check the integrity and usability of the flue.
  • Supply and installation of bird guards and chimney caps.
  • Bird nest removals (out of nesting season).

Why a modern log burner is a great addition to your home.

Real fire heating appliances are part of our DNA, they provide us with a comforting heat for our homes as well as a stunning focal point in any room. The problem is, that traditional open fires are extremely inefficient for our homes and for the planet; With an open fire it is said that up to 80% of the heat is lost up the chimney, meaning a lot more emissions are passed up the chimney and into the atmosphere. The solution to this problem is a modern log burning or multi-fuel stove. All manufacturers now have to meet eco design standards meaning that each stove is 80% efficient thus cutting down on harmful emissions. This is good news for your home and the planet as more heat is generated from less fuel and that heat is kept in your home and distributed much more efficiently. For example, a modern 4kWh eco design stove will only use 4 logs over a 4-hour period compared to an open fire using 16 logs over the same period.

A recent change in views on indoor and outdoor air pollution…Let’s clarify a few things

Over recent years there has been a lot of media attention on the impacts of domestic wood burning and its effects on air quality. The overwhelming opinion for the last few years has been painting a very dim picture of domestic wood-burning appliances due to the supposed harmful levels of PM 2.5 created when burning. This however has been turned on its head in recent months; The new data actually suggests that the level of harmful particulates is half as much as previously thought and it has been found that more harmful particulates are created in your home when you cook than are produced when using a modern log burner. So having a log burner installation isn’t a bad thing! Not only this, but there is some that believe the air quality inside your home could actually be improved when using a modern log burner due to the increased draw from the appliance when in use which in turn is pulling more of the old stale air from your home and out through the chimney.

Hybrid heating systems for modern living

At Collis Energy Solutions Ltd we can install stand-alone log burners or we can incorporate your log burner into a hybrid heating system alongside one or more of our other services. For example, a log burner with a back boiler water heater can be coupled with a water storage tank along with a heat pump or a highly efficient gas boiler. This means that when your log burner is on it can heat your home with the heat directly from the log burner whilst at the same time could be supplying hot water to your thermal store which in turn can be used to heat your radiators, maximising the heat energy generated.

Using wood-burning appliances for domestic heating is the original renewable heat source. Not only is the fuel renewable and sustainable the appliances are also made of easily recycled materials such as glass, cast iron and steel. Wood burning is a tried and tested environmentally friendly heating solution that is now complemented by appliances that can optimise the fuel and minimise the damage to the environment. Modern appliances coupled with the correct and sustainably sourced fuel not only allow you to minimise your reliance on fossil fuels and the grid but also gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can heat your home in case of power outages allowing you to be self-sufficient when it matters.

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